Storytelling as a Business Strategy

Written By Ann Ashley


Every company has a story.  Maybe it’s the inspired beginnings of an organization’s founders who created a company fueled only by a dream.  Maybe it’s the rags-to-riches tale of someone who lost it all before creating an empire.  Maybe it’s a business that endured a disaster but bounced-back after its employees rallied to its aid.  Whatever your story, it’s critical to your company’s image, relationship with employees and clients, and the bottom-line.

So how can storytelling impact employee and customer engagement?

Memorable and inspiring stories give your employees a sense of being part of something bigger than themselves; of being connected to something they can identify with and be proud to share with others.  It’s not just your employees who are affected by these stories – it’s your customers, too.  Your stories often trickle down to your clientele, and can create an emotional connection.  They can illuminate aspects of your company that create pride and interest, and, after all, wouldn’t we all prefer to patronize a business with a unique or inspiring story to tell?

Most importantly, stories answer the question, “Why?”  Organizational storytelling can reveal the original intent or purpose behind the service or product offered to its clients.  Beyond that, this purpose fuels employee engagement, productivity, and commitment to the core values of the company.  Purpose-driven organizations build purpose-driven employees, and these employees know why they come to work each day.  That’s the power of stories.

What’s your story, and how do you promote it within your organization?
• What unique or inspiring stories about your organization do your employees pass down to new staff?
• What stories do your customers hear about your company that connects them to your vision and mission?

Find your answers to these questions and more at the Storytelling as a Business Strategy program on the Biltmore Estate. 

The program will be hosted by the Biltmore Center for Professional Development.  Presenters are Ann Ashley, SPHR (Vice President of Staffing & Professional Development), Chris Maslin, SPHR (Director of Staffing & Training), and Anna Sullins, SPRH (Training & Development Manager).  Ann, Chris and Anna play integral roles in The Biltmore Company, and oversee the staffing and professional development functions for the company’s 2,000 employees on Biltmore Estate and in the company’s multiple business divisions.

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