5 fabulous ways to make your party kid-friendly

Written By Holly Clark

Posted 07/15/14

Updated 07/15/14


Planning a party doesn’t have to be hard work—keeping the menu and décor simple means that you have more time to enjoy your friends and family. Here are five simple suggestions for making a party just as special for your smallest guests as it is for the grown-ups:

1. Create a separate table/space. Our Scalloped Side Table is an elegant piece for any space in your home. On party day, let it do double-duty as a stylish table just for kids. They love having their “own” place that’s set-up and sized just for them, and our Scalloped Side Table provides a sturdy, kid-friendly surface to hold drinks and snacks for little ones. 

2. Add some height! We’ve chosen our Beaded 2-Tiered Stand to display an array of colorful snacks. Colorful cupcake liners in the general party tones (they don’t have to match exactly for a kids’ table) make perfect snack-size containers for pretzels, cheese crackers, small chocolates, fruit, and other favorites.

3. No Spills. We went the route of all-natural juice boxes because you don’t have to worry about spills, cups, ice, etc. We’ve used our decorative tin container lined with bright fabric napkins as a grab-and-go display for the drinks (pictured above). Don’t forget napkins—we’ve tucked some colorful paper ones into the back of the container.

4. Homemade. Keeping it simple doesn't mean you can't make it yourself. Having one or two homemade items on the kids’ table is a special touch that parents will appreciate! Try whipping up a batch of our Brown Sugar Nut Granola Bars to serve on our Beaded Monogramed Tray.




5. Easy fruit dip. Add our Southern Raspberry Drink Mix to whipped topping and voilà! a delicious addition to the snack table that kids (and adults) will love. Add some toothpicks with shimmery tips near the fruit for easy dipping, and if you’re feeling extra creative, arrange some of the fruit on top of the dip in a kid-friendly smiley face. Pair the dip with a pitcher of refreshing Southern Raspberry Tea that young and old will enjoy, as well.

Remember, keep it simple with creative touches that will make the kids at your party feel special.

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