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Christmas at Biltmore Sparkles at The Winery

Written By Leeann Donnelly

Posted 11/29/17

Updated 03/21/24

For the Home

If you’re visiting for Christmas at Biltmore, you won’t want to miss the stunning holiday vision situated high above Biltmore’s Winery.

Inspired by the over-the-top holiday decor in a New York City-based restaurant, 7,000 ornaments ranging from large to gigantic are suspended from the ceiling over the winery’s main Tasting Room.

Michaela Schmidlin, a member of Biltmore’s marketing department, lived in New York City for years and knew of the restaurant’s annual eye-catching holiday hall-decking traditions. She proposed a similar – albeit scaled-down – version for Biltmore’s Winery.

Using monochromatic metallic tones, she and Biltmore’s floral displays manager created a look that mimics the bubbles inside of a champagne bottle, a perfect homage to the winery’s popular selection of sparkling wines.

Close-up of bubble decorations at the Winery during Christmas at Biltmore.

And now, the globe-shaped ornaments in gold and champagne tones are dazzling our guests as they sample wines in the Tasting Room. When the light hits them just right, the ornaments look almost like they’re as fizzy as the bubbles in Biltmore’s sparkling wine. It’s a true sight to behold during Christmas at Biltmore.
Couple interacting with wine host with decorations in background during Christmas at Biltmore.

Christmas décor at Biltmore Estate is nothing short of magical. To take in all the sights, be sure to visit America’s Largest Home®, Antler Hill Village, and beyond, our incredibly talented team members manage to inspire young and old alike year after year.

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