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Christmas Craft: Frosted Lanterns

Written By Amy Dangelico

Posted 11/17/17

Updated 03/13/24


Frosted Lanterns are a classic way to brighten up your holiday decorating, but buying them in bulk can get pricey. You can get this same look using glass jars and simple crafting materials for cents on the dollar. The process is easy and in the end you’ll be left with a treasure to share for many Christmas’s to come.


Instructions for Frosted Lanterns

  1. Create a pattern on the jar using painter’s tape and stickers.
  2. Spray the jar lightly and evenly with frosted glass spray paint. Be sure to wear gloves and work outside in a well-ventilated area.
  3. When the spray is dry, use tweezers to carefully peel off the tape and stickers. Try not to touch or scrap the frosted area. Let the jar sit for an hour, then add the handle.
  4. Use needle nose pliers to cut a piece of 22 gauge wire. Wrap it around the neck of the jar once and twist it thoroughly into place. Take the excess wire and create a loop, twisting the end securely to the other side of the jar, creating the handle.
  5. Put a small square of double sided mounting tape on the bottom of a tea light and place on the bottom of your lantern. Use battery operated candles if you plan to place your lanterns near greenery or children and pets.

These sweet, simple frosted lanterns will light your entry way, brighten your home, and provide a warm welcome for holiday visitors. Want to keep the fun going? Take a look at our Christmas Wine Cork Reindeer walkthrough! Reindeer made from wine corks and twigs are inexpensive and easy to make.

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