Christmas Tree Tips from Biltmore

Written By Leeann Donnelly

Posted 10/01/23

Updated 10/25/23

For the Home

Take it from the experts: Biltmore knows Christmas trees, and we’ve got some great tips to make your holiday decorating easier!

Christmas tree experts

Staff help raise the Banquet Hall tree
It takes about 50 employees to bring in the 35-foot fresh Fraser fir and raise it in the Banquet Hall each year.

For nearly 40 years, Biltmore’s engineering team has handled the logistical challenges of carrying a 35-foot-tall tree through Biltmore House and raising it safely and securely in the Banquet Hall for all to enjoy during Christmas at Biltmore and Candlelight Christmas Evenings. Here are their recommendations for putting up your own special Christmas tree: 

Christmas tree safety tips

Woman decorating Christmas tree
Whether you’ve selected a fresh Christmas tree or an artificial one, following basic safety tips can make a brighter holiday for everyone.

Biltmore-style sparkle

Woman holding a notebook and surrounded by Christmas decorations
Heather Whitlock, floral designer, surrounded by inspiration for Christmas decor.

Our floral design team begins planning a year in advance to make Biltmore House and the whole estate come alive for the holiday season. If you’ve ever wondered why our Christmas trees look so special, it’s because the floral team takes time to get everything just right—beginning with the lights.

Christmas lights lay across the floor
Strands of lights help create the illuminated magic of the season–at Biltmore or in your home.

Here’s their 3-step “no-fuss” light-stringing technique you can use on your own tree:

  1. Work each light strand from the top of the tree down—in sections—rather than round and round. This cuts down on ladder-climbing time. 
  2. Work the lights in toward the trunk of the tree, then back out to the tip of the next branch, securing the strand by slipping the branch tip between the two wires of the strand.
  3. To make sure the tree is evenly lit, step back, squint your eyes to make things look blurry, and look for dark or overly bright spots. Rearrange or add lights as needed.
Christmas ornament with a string of Christmas lights
Tuck ornaments back into the branches of the Christmas tree to add layers of color and texture.

Once the lights are in place, tuck shiny ornaments deeply into the tree, starting at the trunk, and working outward. This creates depth, color, and supersized shine. Hang special and more decorative ornaments close to the branch tips. Place the largest ornaments near the bottom

To further highlight your décor, place your favorite ornaments into bowls on your dining table, or mix them in baskets with pine cones and pods. Accent your wreaths and garlands with clusters of berries and shiny glass balls of different sizes.

A decorative formula

To achieve a full look with lots of lights, layers, and textures, our Biltmore design experts recommend the following formulas for some of the most common sizes of Christmas trees.

Featured image: Christmas trees in the Banquet Hall at Biltmore House.

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