Create Beautiful Wall Groupings

Written By Holly Clark

Posted 08/05/12

Updated 08/05/12

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One of the quickest and easiest ways to personalize your home is with wall groupings. Whether you’re showcasing family photos or favorite works of art, a carefully planned grouping can transform an entire room.Get started with these helpful tips from our Biltmore For Your Home partner, Larson-Juhl:

Try Coordinating Frames

Select coordinating frames for a sense of unity. Matching frames provide a common design element, especially when the content is eclectic. Your local custom framer can help you select the best design for your space.

Showcase Your Treasures

If you have valuable art, consider a gallery-style wall grouping with images hung side by side. Salon-style groupings are also popular with images displayed side by side and on top of one another. Sets or collections look best when arranged in more structured groupings.

Go Beyond the Wall

Shelves, side tables, and dressers are great locations for creating custom groupings, because they allow you to swap out pieces based on your mood and the season. Update one or two pieces from the grouping for an instant and inexpensive update.

More Ideas

Create unique wall art from unusual objects. Think outside of the box when trying to create a beautiful wall grouping. Sports memorabilia, children’s art, vacation photos, and mirrors can all be used to create a wall grouping as unique as your personality. You could also make your own custom art by taking a large piece of art and having your local framer cut it into equally sized pieces. Frame each piece individually and hang together on the wall to create an original mosaic.

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