Decorate your Outdoor Spaces for the Winter

Written By Holly Clark

Posted 11/15/12

Updated 11/15/12

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Want to spruce up your garden, yard, or walkway this winter? The presence of unique statues can add beauty to your grounds during the cold months. When it snows, the pieces are truly eye-catching.

If you have outdoor containers, you can fill them with evergreens to bring color into your space—spruce, fir, magnolia, holly, and pine.  You can use Oasis (floral foam) to help arrange and hold moisture. The cuttings can go up to four weeks without water. If the container is in direct sunlight, the cuttings will brown out faster, even if they are watered and in Oasis. 

Hang wreaths or use garland to decorate other areas like your front door or other statues.  Add bows, berries, pinecones, or other pops of natural color to really showcase winter’s beauty.

Create an attractive arrangement in a container by using a taller evergreen surrounded by smaller plants around the outside.

Purchase a potted shrub that is slightly smaller than your container.  You can either remove it from the pot and plant it directly into the container in a potting soil mix, or place the pot into the container and use small pine bark nuggets to hold it in place as well as on top to hide the smaller pot.


decorations in front of wooden doors

Insider Tip: Our Venetian Urn is displayed at A Gardener’s Place, our garden-inspired gift shop, this winter with such an arrangement if you need some in-person inspiration!

The most important thing to remember is to water but not over water.  Plants still need water in the winter.  Once a week is a good rule of thumb for winter months, but check the soil moisture just in case!  If it’s staying dry, water more often.  If it is staying too wet, water less often.  You want the soil to be slightly moist but not saturated or powder dry.

 See our Unique Stone statuary for inspiration!  Unique Stone, a licensed partner with Biltmore For Your Home, carries on the visionary legacy left by Biltmore’s landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted. Throughout Biltmore inspiration was drawn to craft outdoor statues, benches, pedestals, and various other architectural elements in cast stone. Items are then hand finished for an aged patina.

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