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Elaine’s Favorite Place

Written By Judy Ross

Posted 07/09/13

Updated 07/09/13

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Elaine Breault’s daily responsibilities often take her all around Biltmore. As operations manager for Lioncrest, Deerpark Restaurant, and Biltmore Catering, she manages the private events, weddings, and conferences hosted at these venues in addition to managing functions off the estate that use Biltmore Catering.

Four years of handling these duties has resulted in Elaine being pretty familiar with locations around the estate. And she has a couple of favorite places–that you may not be aware of–that keep drawing her back time after time.
One area is located behind the Inn on Biltmore Estate; there are hiking trails that Elaine uses for running when she feels like a challenge.

“The trail behind the inn is marked with good signage, and I usually turn right and run by the Brooder House, which used to be a chicken coop,” she says. “This particular trail also offers great long-range mountain views.”
There’s another location she likes for a completely different reason. The paved path that connects Antler Hill Village and the Lagoon is a favorite for both Elaine and her pit bull/lab mix named Lola. This is a popular trail for dogs and people alike as it passes through fields with the French Broad River nearby.

“Lola loves to walk here because she meets so many other dogs,” Elaine says.

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