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Written By Holly Clark

Posted 03/09/13

Updated 03/09/13

In Our Gardens

Silver Tiffany teapot with pineapple decoration on lid

Inspired by Biltmore

Pineapples have been used as a symbol of hospitality since the 18th century. In colonial America, ship captains returning from tropical trade routes brought the exotic fruit (virtually unknown in North America) back with them to share with family and guests. The iconic pineapple shape began to show up in architectural trim and on signs denoting welcome.



Cast stone pineapple statue in Azalea Garden

A Meaningful Gift

A beautiful Tiffany silver coffee pot with an exquisitely detailed pineapple adorning the lid (above, right) was given to George and Edith Vanderbilt as a wedding present in 1898 by Mrs. Anna Roosevelt Cowles, Theodore Roosevelt’s  sister and trusted advisor, who was a frequent visitor to Biltmore.

“This was not only a very personal gift,” said Leslie Klingner, Biltmore’s Curator of Interpretation, “but also a symbolic one considering the Vanderbilts were legendary hosts who treasured their guests.”

Unique Stone has captured all the grandeur of the symbol with their Hospitality Pineapple. This beautiful accent is perfect for your garden and lends a warm note of welcome to your visitors.

Cast stone birdbath

For The Birds

Birds flock to Biltmore for a sip or a dip in an elegant birdbath like this one in our Walled Garden, which inspired Unique Stone to create a Gilded Age Birdbath like the ones the Vanderbilts installed for their feathered friends.

garden turtle

Unique Stone

Our partner Unique Stone creates beautiful cast stone garden planters, statues, benches, and decorative elements by taking inspiration from the magnificent décor found throughout Biltmore. Each piece is hand-finished for an aged patina as timeless as the estate itself.

The staff at Unique Stone is continually inspired by the work of those early craftsmen that shaped Biltmore House into the National Historic Landmark it is today. By creating such beautiful and detailed outdoor elements, Unique Stone honors the vision of legendary architects Richard Morris Hunt, Frederick Law Olmsted, and many others.

The Biltmore Garden Collection by Unique Stone allows you to bring the old-world charm of Biltmore to life in your own yard, garden, and patio.

To view other products, visit the Biltmore Garden Collection from Unique Stone.

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