How to Select Art for Your Home

Written By Holly Clark

Posted 08/05/12

Updated 08/05/12

For the Home

Choosing art is perhaps one of the most difficult stages in rounding out the decorating/interior design process, simply because there are no hard and fast rules. It’s purely subjective and sometimes that can be overwhelming. The good news is that almost every genre, style, size, and form of art can be executed tastefully. And while these aren’t dictums by which to strictly adhere, the following tips are a mini-guide on how to choose art and successfully and effortlessly incorporate it into your home.

1. Figure out what you like and commit to it. Art is essentially an extension and reflection of your personality – who you are and what you like and above everything the art in your home should make you happy. So ask yourself what you like. Do you like botanicals, abstracts, portraits, landscapes, or perhaps a combination? If you don’t know the answer to that question, ask yourself what mood you like to be in. For instance, do you like feeling happy, serious, motivated, contemplative, and what image or images provoke those feelings? For instance when you look at an image of your family, a certain flower, a particular color, a person, an animal, do you feel happy? Once you’ve pinpointed exactly what it is that you like, choosing art is a cinch.

2. Consider the room and its function. The kitchen – cooking and eating. The study or den – reading and thinking. The bedroom – sleeping. The feeling you want to relate in certain rooms will determine what kind of art you choose.

3. Size. One of the biggest mistakes in choosing art is choosing art that doesn’t fit the space. Ordinarily, it is disproportionate in relation to the dimensions of the room, the architectural details, and the furniture. Don’t be afraid to go big! The art you choose will be dwarfed by the size and shape of the room, not to mention everything else around it, so don’t be afraid to buy something slightly oversized.

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