Wings of Delight: Mariporta Red Dessert Wine

Written By Jean Sexton

Posted 01/07/19

Updated 03/05/24

Our Team at Work

In honor of our new exhibition A Vanderbilt House Party – The Gilded Age, winemaker Sharon Fenchak has handcrafted Mariporta—a dazzling red dessert wine that reflects the fine vintages that George and Edith Vanderbilt would have offered their guests.

Biltmore winemaker Sharon Fenchak

Careful coaxing

“The starting point for Mariporta was an outstanding Petit Sirah that we blended with other varietals,” said Sharon. “We carefully coaxed all the rich layers from the wine as it matured in oak.” 

Designed to delight

“Our velvety and barrel-aged Mariporta is exceptionally jammy and fruit-forward. Pair it with your favorite dessert, or simply serve it as dessert!” Sharon suggested.

In addition to the richly rewarding flavor of the wine, the label is a flight of fancy also inspired by A Vanderbilt House Party.

Florence Vanderbilt Twombly in her inspiring gown

Flight of fancy

“For the exhibition, we reproduced a stunning gown worn by Florence Vanderbilt Twombly—one of George Vanderbilt’s sisters,” said Leslie Klingner, Curator of Interpretation. “The original dress of finely woven silk was designed by House of Worth and adorned with embroidered butterflies and hand-sewn beadwork.​

Drawing on this description of the dress and an archival photo of Florence Twombly wearing it, Lisa Vogel, Art Director, created a remarkable design that echoes the delicate winged details of the gown. 

Re-creation of the butterfly gown

“In keeping with the style of the label, the name Mariporta flutters between the Spanish word for butterfly and the expressive style of this elegant red dessert wine,” said Lisa. 

Designed to delight with a touch of satin and spice, Mariporta celebrates the excitement of Biltmore house parties when friends and family were entertained with boundless hospitality.

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Celebrate the first release

Be among the first to savor our newest offering by attending our 2019 Sparkling Soirée: Gilded Age Masquerade on Saturday, February 9, at 8 p.m. Don a mask and your most stunning attire for an evening of unparalleled elegance featuring live entertainment, dancing, and refreshments. Enjoy savory canapés, sweet petit fours, and a selection of Biltmore wines including the much-anticipated first release of Mariporta. You can also purchase Mariporta in estate shops or online.

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