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Our Wines 10/26/13

Written By Holly Clark

George and Edith Vanderbilt served only the finest food to their family and guests. Biltmore continues to honor their heritage today by serving the highest quality foods in estate restaurants and partnering with exceptional vendors to bring those same standards to your table.

That’s why we’ve chosen to partner with Seven Seas International whose mission is to bring the finest fish and seafood products to your table. For more than 130 years, they’ve done just that, building their company on providing sustainable, responsibly-sourced, and delicious seafood.

A Tradition of Culinary Excellence

For more than a century, Biltmore and Seven Seas have shared a tradition of culinary excellence, beginning with George Vanderbilt’s ancestors in the Dutch town of De Bilt,

where the van de Groep family, founders of Seven Seas, were seafood purveyors to the region.

According to Wien van de Groep, managing director of Seven Seas International, his grandmother began selling fresh fish from a pushcart in Spakenburg, which is about 20 miles from De Bilt. “The Vanderbilts in Holland probably consumed our fish products,” van de Groep said, “because De Bilt was definitely in my grandparent’s distribution area.”

Today these family-owned businesses have reconnected to bring you the finest gourmet seafood.

Be sure to try all of our delicious products sold at your local grocery store. Prepared and smoked with 100% all-natural ingredients, cold smoked varieties include Scottish, Norwegian, and Sockeye. Also try the plain, hot smoked salmon. (Hot smoked only available at Earthfare.)

Find Biltmore Gourmet Salmon at a your local Harris Teeter, Publix, Food City, and Earth Fare. If you have trouble finding the product, please email us at

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2 years ago

I get your salmon at Harris Tetter. It is good it was on sale. I bought because it was the best deal never thinking there was a difference in salmon. That is till I tasted Biltmore.

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