Prepare Soil in the Fall for a Healthy Spring Garden

Written By Parker Andes

Posted 09/10/12

Updated 09/10/12

In Our Gardens

When a hint of autumn chill is in the air, gardening may be the last thing on your to-do list. However, fall is the perfect time for amending and rebuilding healthy soil eco-systems.

Working in Your Fall Garden

In most urban and suburban neighborhoods, the top-soil has been removed. By amending your soil in the fall, you lay the foundation for healthy plants and gardens.

Begin by adding organic materials to the soil. This gives Mother Nature a helping hand and prepares your soil for spring growth. Organic materials are naturally acidic and help break down concentrated minerals in the soil. The minerals in turn support and encourage winter root growth and provide a nutrient boost in the spring.

Gardening with Biltmore Naturals

Take the work out of preparing your fall garden with our Biltmore Naturals garden line. Our products deliver high-quality organic materials and beneficial microbes similar to the raw ingredients found in nature. This builds soil fertility and creates a healthy soil and plant ecosystem.

We recommend the following products for fall soil application:

White V

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