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Our Wines 03/08/23

Written By Jean Sexton

Raise a glass to our newest masterpiece–a delightful blend created exclusively for the 2023 release of our Masterpiece Collection White Wine.

Tasting notes

Two bottles of Masterpiece Collection White Wine for 2023 on a table
Sip something special this spring and summer with the 2023 release of our Masterpiece Collection White Wine.

“Crisp, smooth, and refreshing, this off-dry white wine was handcrafted to honor George Vanderbilt’s legacy as a passionate collector of extraordinary art and exceptional vintages,” said Shruthi Dhoopati, Assistant Winemaker. “It echoes the return of warm weather with citrus and orange blossom aromas, plus wonderful flavors of honeydew, lime, and peach.”

Inspired by a masterpiece of preservation

View of the Tyrolean Chimney Room in Biltmore House
The hand-painted ceramic tiles on the overmantel above the fireplace in the Tyrolean Chimney Room provided inspiration for our 2023 Masterpiece Collection White Wine labels.

For 2023, our Masterpiece Collection White Wine features a set of four labels inspired by hand-painted floral tiles on the overmantel of an 18th-century tile stove known as a kachelöfen that George Vanderbilt likely purchased in his European travels, possibly in Switzerland. 

Created in the 18th century, the kachelöfen in Biltmore’s Tyrolean Chimney Room is made of tin-glazed earthenware tiles hand-painted with exquisite floral designs.

Handpainted ceramic tiles in the Tyrolean Chimney Room.
Each of the tin-glazed earthenware tiles is adorned with a lovely bouquet of lush blooms.

While the tile was in relatively good condition for its age, Biltmore’s conservators spent hundreds of hours cleaning and in-painting damaged areas of the overmantel in conjunction with the Louis XV Suite restoration project.

A conservator repaints flowers on ceramic tiles with a tiny brush
Our conservators carefully restored the hand-painted tiles in the Tyrolean Chimney Room.

The painstaking work required a combination of conservation experience and artistic ability. The results show the vivid colors and delicate florals that inspired the room’s striking design.

Choosing the label

“We chose the bouquets on these floral tiles as the label for our new Masterpiece Collection White Wine because the blooms are so beautiful, and they capture the feel of warmer weather and the desire all of us feel to enjoy the outdoors during spring and summer,” said Lisa Vogel, Art Director.

In fact, all of the tiles were so unique that Lisa couldn’t choose just one for the 2023 Masterpiece Collection label; she selected four separate tiles and created a whole set!

Masterpiece Collection press sheet of individual labels
The press sheet for our Masterpiece Collection White Wine shows different versions of the labels.

“When you see the four labels together, you may notice slight variations in the background behind each bouquet,” Lisa said. “That’s because of the age of the original tiles and the fact that they were painted by hand–it gives them subtle shadings and textures that we worked to preserve in these lovely labels.”

Pairing this masterpiece with your favorite flavors

Masterpiece Collection White Wine bottles with a pitcher of sangria
Perfect with your favorite warm-weather fare, our Masterpiece Collection White Wine is also refreshing as the base of a refreshing white sangria!

According to Shruthi, our Masterpiece Collection White Wine pairs perfectly with the lighter fare we favor during warmer weather.

“Perfect for spring and summer sipping and entertaining, this wine pairs well with classic fare such as pasta Alfredo and lighter seafood dishes like crab, fried oysters, and salmon. Make a moment memorable by packing a bottle for your next picnic, or enjoy it with friends at brunch or lunch,” said Shruthi.

In addition, you can stir up a cool, refreshing pitcher of Refreshing White Sangria with our Masterpiece Collection White Wine. Enjoy with friends and freeze any leftovers for a fun take on grown-up popsicles or slushies.

Select this special masterpiece for spring!

Masterpiece Collection White Wine being poured into a glass
Indulge your senses with our delicious Masterpiece Collection White Wine.

If you’re looking for a special gift for spring and summer occasions such as Easter, Mother’s Day, bridal luncheons, weddings, and college graduations, this wine’s one-of-a-kind labels make each bottle a charming gift for flower lovers and those who appreciate all things Biltmore.

Look for our 2023 Masterpiece Collection White Wine in estate shops and online while supplies last*.

*If you order online, your shipment will contain one or more of the label designs chosen at random.

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1 year ago

I love the painting! It would be so nice to view them both, and taste that wine!

1 year ago

Myself and a friend will be there in June. Can’t wait!

1 year ago

How sweet is this wine?

Dale Reamy
1 year ago

Don’t go anywhere Biltmore. See you this Fall ; )

1 year ago

I bought this on a recent visit. Should it be served cold or room temperature?

11 months ago

We visited the Biltmore last month for the first time. I grew up in Asheville and as a kid was all over the estate but never saw the inside of this beautiful estate. We are already planning a trip around the holidays to see the estate decorated. While we were there my friend and I arranged to do the wine tasting. We liked several of your wines but really liked the Biltmore Masterpiece Collection White Wine. We each purchased 3 or 4 bottles. Sad to say I only have 1 bottle left. Is this wine available for purchase at any… Read more »

3 months ago

Is this wine sold out? I cannot find it on the website. It was our favorite and so bummed we cannot order more, although we’ve ordered more than our share already! Will you have it again? If not, what is comparable? Thanks!

2 months ago

Is this year’s Masterpiece Collection White Wine a blend of Biltmore whites? If so which ones.

Mary L Alderman
1 month ago

We were there last week. This wine is yummy and the label delightful.

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