Reimagining the Tapestry Gallery for Christmas

Written By Amy Dangelico

Posted 11/26/18

Updated 03/12/24

For the Home

Lucinda Ledford is a skilled and seasoned member of our Floral team. This Christmas marks her second year in a row decorating the Tapestry Gallery—the team rotates rooms about every two years—and this time, she decided to shake things up a bit.Lucinda Ledford of Biltmore's Floral Team

“In Christmases past, we’ve typically had four 14-foot trees in this room,” Lucinda said. “One on each side of the two massive fireplaces.”

But after meeting with our Museum Services team, Lucinda learned that there was concern about how that arrangement may impact the furniture and other pieces of the collection in that room.

“In order to get those larger trees in this space, we were moving the same items year after year—which was not ideal,” she explained.

So this year, the longest room in America’s Largest Home® boasts two 10-foot trees and three 6-foot trees instead.

The new arrangement also allows for the Flemish tapestries to be displayed more fully throughout the season.

“It worked out well since the colors for the décor are pulled from the tapestries themselves,” Lucinda said. This year, she’s incorporated rose gold and lighter metallic elements into her design.

Detail of Christmas Tree in Tapestry Gallery

Also on display in the Tapestry Gallery is Santa’s list filled with employee Christmas wishes. And there is one thing you may notice is not in the room: the nativity scene.

“The nativity scene is on display in the Salon this year,” she said, “and we’re hoping that the new placement will make it easier to guests to view and enjoy.”

Join us for our Christmas at Biltmore Daytime Celebration or Candlelight Christmas Evenings to experience the reimagined floral design in the Tapestry Gallery, the nativity scene in a new light, and so much more.

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