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Revitalize Your Health

Written By Sharon Fenchak

Posted 02/21/13

Updated 03/01/24

Wine & Food

No Time Like the Present

Don’t let those resolutions you made in January get you down—there’s no time like the present to make a brand-new commitment to revitalizing your health and well-being this spring!

Healthier Habits

Here are some easy ways to get started with those healthier habits:

•    Unplug: turn off the television, computer, and cell phones for at least an hour before going to bed—you may be surprised by how easily you fall asleep without last-minute distractions and much stimulation, like loud noises and lights that simulate daytime.

•    Unwind: stand under a warm (not hot) shower for a few minutes before bedtime. Ease the water temperature to cool (not cold) for the last minute or so. The warm water is soothing and the cooler water signals your body that it’s time to sleep.

•    Uncork: enjoy a glass of Biltmore Wine—our reds pair well with a wide range of good-for-you foods including tuna, salmon, and dark chocolate—and some studies suggest red wines may have health benefits.

Resolve to try this

If your resolutions seemed right on track for New Year’s but got derailed soon after, you might benefit from a “try this, not that” strategy that helps you substitute one better choice at a time rather than taking on your whole list at once. Here are some examples:

•    Vowed to give up chocolate? Try substituting high quality dark chocolate (cocoa content should be 70% or more) for your cravings instead of going cold turkey. For an extra treat, pair dark chocolates with Biltmore Zinfandel.

•    Vowed to run a mile each day? You can still work toward that goal, but for starters, try taking the stairs instead of the elevator or walk your dog an extra 20 minutes (you’ll both benefit!) each day. You’re more likely to reach a goal that you work toward gradually.

•    Vowed to be less carnivorous? Instead of serving a big steak and a small salad, shake things up by serving a smaller portion of steak in the salad. Toss a few ounces of thinly-sliced prime rib and a splash of low-calorie vinaigrette with your favorite greens, and pair the tasty treat with Biltmore Century Red.

Red Wines + Healthy Eating

Although red wines are often associated with cooler weather, spring is also a great time to pair them with fresh, healthy food options like these:

•    Sip a glass of Biltmore Pinot Noir with a portion of heart-healthy salmon.

•    Our Biltmore Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 North Carolina just received a rating of 90 points from The Beverage Testing Institute. Try pairing it with leg of lamb with rosemary—and be sure to choose lean lamb and trim it well to keep the calories much lower!

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