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Sitting Pretty–A Naturally Stunning Floral Arrangement

Written By Holly Clark

Posted 11/17/15

Updated 11/17/15

For the Home

Biltmore Floral Displays designer Molly Hensley is a member of the team who helps bring Christmas to life in America’s largest home.

“We work on Christmas plans and projects all year,’ she said, “so we can transform Biltmore House into a magical world of lights and trees and decorations for our guests!”

How do you create gorgeous holiday arrangement that suits a more modern home? Molly offered a great idea for a design that incorporates natural elements and favorite ornaments in a stunning but simple accent or centerpiece that you can easily do yourself, complete with a materials list and Molly’s expert tips:


6-inch plant of your choosing (a little height is good for this particular project)
Protective plastic liner
Sheet moss
Some of your favorite ornaments (inspired by Christmas at Biltmore, we've used our “Nature of Christmas” ornaments available at Belk–see the collection here)
Decorative container (see the collection here)
Floral foam & bubble wrap
A few natural elements (pinecones, decorative bird, bird’s nest, etc.)


“For this particular project I chose an Angel Wing Begonia that was about 18 inches tall in a 6-inch pot.  The decorative container was on the deeper side, so I set the begonia on a small piece of floral foam to make it level with the lip of the container.

“I filled the remainder of the container with bubble wrap, then covered the bubble wrap and the plant pot with moss. I nestled a cluster of elegant ornaments in the moss next to the plant, and added a few pine cones for a natural element. I also wired a decorative bird on an arm of the begonia, and a small bird’s nest to accompany it. For a finishing holiday touch, I added a bit of ribbon to a velvet poinsettia and clipped the whole thing onto the edge of the container.”

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