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Written By Holly Clark

Posted 01/10/13

Updated 01/10/13

For the Home

Few things in life are as relaxing as a visit to a luxurious spa.

How can you get create the same feeling in your own home? We asked the experts at The Spa, located in the Inn on Biltmore Estate, for some do-it-yourself ideas that anyone can enjoy.

 Soak it up

A long soak in a hot tub can work miracles for tired muscles and a stressed mind. Treat yourself—or someone special—to a soothing experience with our Biltmore Bath & Body products. The clean, refreshing fragrances of this collection offer peace of mind and help relax your senses while moisturizing your skin. Try our Foaming Shower Gel for your home spa soak (or shower, if your time is limited). Follow up with Shea Butter Body Lotion and Hand Lotion to make the experience last even longer.


Indulge in the entire paraben-free Biltmore Bath & Body collection crafted with exceptional ingredients and featuring alluring scents such as Blood Orange, Black Orchid, The Gardens, Blackberries and Cream, and more.

Shop the complete Biltmore Bath & Body Collection at Belk.  

Spa Tip: to stay hydrated, be sure to drink plenty of tepid water while you are soaking.

Throw in the towel

 While enjoying your home-spa soak, you may want to roll up a towel to place behind your neck. This will cushion you from the harder surface of the tub and help keep your face dry.

Ready to unlock spa secrets to lush locks? While soaking or showering, apply a moisturizing treatment to your hair (try salon recommendations or make your own home-based version). Wrap hair in a towel and relax while the treatment does its work.

Group of Belk blue and white Legacy Towels

Enjoy our luxurious Biltmore For Your Home towels, available at Belk in four collections: Legacy, Century, Chateau, and Everyday Luxury.

Shop all Biltmore For Your Home Towels at Belk.  

Spa Tip: to enhance your home spa experience, use towels in calming colors such as greens and blues.

Wrap it up

Whether you’re opting for a luxurious spa soak, a rejuvenating shower, or simply trying to carve out a bit of time for yourself, go ahead and schedule those precious minutes each week. Otherwise, it’s easy to forego the time you need to relax your mind, recharge your spirits, and refresh your body!

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