Visitor Information

Biltmore is the perfect escape. See our planning tips to make the most of your visit to Biltmore in Asheville, North Carolina.

Helpful information before your journey

Count on spending at least one full day at Biltmore. Two days should be considered, because there is so much to experience on our 8,000-acre estate. Please use this guide to determine the approximate number of hours needed for your visit.

Activities Included in Admission

  Biltmore House - 2 hours
  Gardens & Conservatory - 2–3 hours
  Antler Hill Village & Winery - 2–3 hours
Visit Time - 6–8 hours

Optional Activities (Additional Cost)

  Dining - 1–2 hours
  Shopping - 1–2 hours
  Specialty Tour - 1–2 hours
  Outdoor Activity - 1–3 hours
Total Time - 10–17 hours



Planning tips

Get your tickets in advance. Save by purchasing advance tickets online or by calling 800-411-3812.

For your convenience, we offer complimentary transportation throughout the estate.* From open to close, our Estate Shuttle Service runs continuously with stops every 15 minutes at Biltmore House & Gardens, Antler Hill Village & Winery, Deerpark, and Central Parking. So park once and let us transport you. Our Estate Shuttles are at your service. Relax and explore the property at your leisure. When you’re ready, hop on and enjoy the ride to your next destination while learning more about Biltmore along the way. Learn more about getting around the estate.

*Available October 17 through November 13. Before and after these dates, a car is required for travel between locations on the estate.

Arrive early and avoid the rush. Visit Sunday through Friday, and you will typically encounter fewer guests. See Biltmore House Reservation Days.

Dress for comfort. Wear comfortable walking shoes and layers for the changing mountain weather.


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