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Written By Holly Clark

Posted 02/27/14

Updated 02/27/14

For the Home

George and Edith Vanderbilt welcomed all their guests with warmth and hospitality, ensuring that no detail was overlooked. From the moment friends and family arrived at Biltmore, everything was done to make their stay at America’s largest home comfortable. 

With more than 30 bedrooms in Biltmore House, making beds and fluffing pillows could have kept the entire staff busy during extended visits and house parties!

While today’s homes have fewer rooms to manage, a good night’s sleep is still a priority for most of us. For expert advice on choosing pillows that suit your needs, we turned to Nicki Cloud, Assistant Product Manager in Sheets, Bath & Utility Bedding for Belk.

“The most important aspect of selecting a pillow with the correct amount of fill is the position in which you start your night’s sleep. For those who sleep on their side, more fill is better.  For those who sleep on their stomach or back, less fill is better,” Nicki explained. “The right style of pillow is beneficial in attaining healthy and comfortable rest.”

“We’re also seeing a trend in down prices continuing to rise due to an extreme shortage of this natural material,” said Nicki. “But technology has come a long way, and down alternative options feel closer to down than they ever have before. Between technology and pricing, this is the perfect time to give down alternatives another try.”

For ease and comfort, Nicki recommends the following collections of pillows—inspired by the legacy of luxury at Biltmore—and available at Belk:

Artisan Collection

This collection features Serene fiberfill which truly replicates the feel of down. The innovative fiber mimics the compression of down, but unlike down, does not require fluffing. It is also hypoallergenic and machine washable, making it a perfect solution for down lovers that have allergy concerns.

Artisan 2-inch Gusset Pillow–A deluxe 2-inch wide gusset offers a plush, full pillow that looks as lavish as it feels. Because of the way this fiber responds, this pillow is a great choice for all sleeping positions.

“Try combining our Artisan Gusset Pillow with our Artisan Comforter,” Nicki said. “This 100% cotton covered comforter is a perfect choice for your day-in and day-out use. Providing year-round comfort, you’ll rest comfortably with the perfect amount of warmth, and that cozy down feeling.”

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Memorelle Collection

“Our Memorelle Collection features Memorelle fiberfill which consists of loose fibers blown into the pillow. Memorelle has an especially fast rebound, so once you rest your head on the pillow, the fiber returns to position to offer you support where you need it, while taking it easy on pressure points. Best of all,” Nicki added “is the fact that Memorelle is machine washable.”

There are four pillows in this collection:

Memorelle Damask Scroll Classic Shape Pillow–A beautiful jacquard scroll makes this pillow a perfect fit for any luxury bed ensemble. A classic shape appeals to the largest number of people.

Memorelle Infinity Gusset Pillow–Perfect for side sleepers, this pillow has a specially designed gusset that allows room for your shoulder to rest comfortably while offering plenty of support for your head.

Memorelle 2-inch Gusset Pillow–A deluxe 2-inch wide gusset offers a plush, full, pillow that makes a great choice for side or back sleepers.

Memorelle Teardrop Pillow—The most versatile pillow for any sleep position. One side of the teardrop shape offers plenty of support for back or side sleepers, while stomach sleepers will appreciate the other side. It’s a winning solution for a guest bedroom or for those who change positions throughout the night.

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Pillow Care Tips

Pillow protectors and pillowcases are a great way to extend the life of a pillow; however, pillows should still be cleaned on a regular basis. For ease of care, look for machine-washable pillows and be sure to follow the care instructions on the label. Ensure to dry pillows completely to prevent mold from forming.

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