Exotic Orchids Bloom on This Wine Label

Discover how the exotic orchids that “bloom” on the labels of our latest Biltmore Masterpiece Collection Wines are entwined with our history.

Orchids at Biltmore

Orchids in bloom inside Biltmore's Conservatory
Glorious blooms in the Orchid Room inside the Conservatory at Biltmore.

Each release in our Masterpiece Collection is specially created to honor George Vanderbilt’s legacy as a collector of extraordinary treasures and exceptional vintages.

“We chose orchids for the labels of our latest Biltmore Masterpiece Collection Wines because George Vanderbilt enjoyed them,” said Sharon Fenchak, Executive Winemaker. “I love orchids, too, and appreciate sharing that connection with Mr. Vanderbilt.”

Local artist creates the labels

Artist Bryan Koontz of Weaverville, NC, spent time in the Orchid Room in the Conservatory, studying the beautiful blooms–some of which are the same varieties that landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted originally ordered for Biltmore.

Series of nine colored pencil sketches of orchids.
Bryan Koontz created this series of sketches, eventually narrowing the field down to four specific blooms.

After sketching many different orchids, the field was narrowed to four different varieties. Bryan then painted original watercolors of each bloom to create a series of four labels that capture each of the different orchids with all their glorious details.

Watercolor painting of an orchid in progress
Bryan created original watercolor paintings featuring four different orchids for the Biltmore Masterpiece Collection White and Rosé Wines.

Wine tasting notes and pairing suggestions

Four bottles of Biltmore Masterpiece Collection White and Rosé Wines with glasses and fruit.
Savor our Biltmore Masterpiece Collection White and Rosé Wines separately, or collect the entire “bouquet” with four beautiful orchid labels!

For this Masterpiece Collection release, Sharon handcrafted two different wines: a crisp, smooth, and refreshing white blend and a fragrant, fresh, and delicious rosé.

  • Masterpiece Collection White Wine is light-to-medium-bodied and features a soft floral aroma with hints of spice and citrus followed by flavors of white peach and clementine. With nicely balanced acidity and sweetness, it pairs perfectly with quiche, pasta Alfredo, Italian wedding soup, and delicate spring vegetables.
  • Masterpiece Collection Rosé Wine is light-to-medium-bodied and opens with delicate vanilla and floral aromas that give way to juicy flavors of strawberry and rock candy, plus bright acidity. Sip this well-balanced wine as an aperitif before serving with charcuterie, shellfish, olives, crudités, or a classic bagna cauda dipping sauce for fresh vegetables.

Both Masterpiece Collection wines are perfect for brunch, light luncheons, and spring celebrations. Enjoy them separately or collect a beautiful “bouquet” featuring all four orchid varieties!

Discover all of our wines, including the Masterpiece Collection

Bottles of Biltmore Masterpiece Collection White and Rose Wines
Enjoy our Biltmore Masterpiece Collection White and Rosé Wines at your next brunch or luncheon!

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