White Wine & Crab Cakes

Written By Sharon Fenchak

Posted 05/04/13

Updated 05/04/13

Wine & Food

Cool and refreshing white wines tend to pair very well with warm summer temperatures and rich seafood. Our Biltmore Sauvignon Blanc is dry, crisp, and offers a nice acidity that stands up to the buttery richness of the fresh crab used in the following recipe for crab cakes. We think you’ll enjoy the combination of the two!

Crab Cakes

Serves 4


Preparation Instructions

Empty the crabmeat into a large pan and pick the shells from the meat—trying not to shred the meat into a purée. Add the chopped scallions, celery, and peppers and gently fold ingredients into the crabmeat, being careful to leave the meat in large pieces. In another bowl, whisk the mayonnaise, egg, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, Old Bay seasoning, and mustard together until mixed. Add the mayonnaise mixture to the crabmeat, folding the two together until well mixed but not puréed. Sprinkle breadcrumbs in the mixture and fold together. Do not knead the mixture like bread dough. Shape meat mixture into four generous cakes and sauté in clarified butter until golden brown. Then transfer cakes to a 350 degree oven for 8–10 minutes until done.


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