Antler Hill Barn

Step into the everyday lives of families who lived on the estate raising livestock, tending crops, and working at Biltmore Dairy in the 1890s.

The Barn in Antler Hill Village—once the social and work center for these families—is once again a lively hub of activity, seasonally featuring:

  • Live demonstrations by blacksmiths, woodworkers, and other craftspeople
  • Turn-of-the-century games and hands-on crafts for the kids
  • Shopping at The Barn Door, offering beautiful home décor and accessories, plus an eclectic selection of arts and crafts items

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The Farmyard in Antler Hill Village

Kids will enjoy meeting the friendly farm animals at the Farmyard, plus such seasonally-offered daily activities as farm talks, goat milking, and goat brushing and hoof trimming demonstrations.

Adjacent to the Farmyard, our Pisgah Playground features climbing logs like those harvested by students in Biltmore’s forestry school. There’s also a lookout, a rock climbing formation, a sand play area, and other activities that connect the estate’s past with your children’s imagination.

Access to Antler Hill Barn & Farmyard is included in your Biltmore daytime admission.

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Mother goat and baby goat in Farmyard at Antler Hill Village

Meet our gentle giants.

Goats in Farmyard at Antler Hill Village

Chickens in Farmyard at Antler Hill Village

Calf in Farmyard at Antler Hill Village