Biltmore Blooms 2020 concluded in September. As we look forward to next spring’s glorious transformation of our gardens and grounds, please enjoy these images from this year.

Bloom Report for September

For a sneak peek at how color is transforming our gardens and grounds, review our Bloom Report. Parker Andes, Biltmore’s Director of Horticulture, tells you what’s blooming when (and where!) across our magnificent estate.

“September is a month of change; early in the month, average high temperaturesarein the 80s, reaching the low 70s by month’s end when average lows dropinto the 40s. Change is also reflected in our gardens this month, as the summer annuals that fill the beds in early September begin to fade, eventually finding their way to the compost piles. As the month progresses, chrysanthemums and salvias take their place, and by the end of the month, fall colors on dogwoods and sourwood treesherald the estate’s autumn transition. Roses offer up their final blooms as September ends, adding a splash of color to fall asters, Joe Pye weed, ironweed,and grasses that peak in our gardens and along the edges of our fields

—Parker Andes, Director of Horticulture

parker andes

Conservatory: Orchids, Anthurium, Banana, Begonia, Hardy and Tropical Hibiscus, Gingers, Heliconia

Shrub Garden: Roses, Panicle Hydrangea, Abelia, Ceanothus Hybrids, Butterfly Bush, CastorBean, Cassia, Caryopteris

Spring Garden: Abelia, Reblooming Azaleas

Azalea Garden: Coneflower, Reblooming Azaleas, Asters, Helenium

Walled Garden: Southern Magnolia, Roses, Salvias, Dahlia, Luffa Gourd Vine, Annual displays featuring Begonia, Salvia, Veronica, Black-eyed Susan, Cannas, Coneflowers

Entry and Approach Road: Franklinia, Abelia, WaterLily, Pond Lily

Inn on Biltmore Estate: Roses, Abelia, Dahlia, Asters, Ironweed

Antler Hill Village / Winery:Mandevilla Vine, Roses, Abelia, Coneflower, Marigolds, Ironweed

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