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Fall Color Report - November, 2021

Fall: An Especially Beautiful Time at Biltmore in Asheville, NC

“Our 2021 autumn leaf season is gradually drawing to a close. That said, there is still a lot of fall color to be enjoyed around the estate. Carolina allspice, Fothergilla shrubs, and Oakleaf hydrangeas are vibrant and shine brightly amid the evergreens.

Chilly breezes send leaves adrift, covering the roads and trails and creating an insulating protective blanket for wildlife throughout the winter. The leaves also provide essential organic matter and nutrients to replenish our soils.

Sugar and Red Maples continue to impress with their fiery oranges and reds. Dogwood trees—one of the first trees to show color—grace the landscape with deep shades of magenta and purple. Gold-covered hickory trees are turning to bronze while beech trees give the forest a warm glow. The Japanese maples are brilliant; their annual show never disappoints.

Ginkgo trees are at their peak now, but don’t delay. Their leaves all seem to drop simultaneously, creating a beautiful blanket of gold on the garden floor. Watch for this remarkable phenomenon in the coming days.

As Bald Cypress trees turn reddish-cinnamon, scarlet oaks live up to their name, and sweetgums show off their whimsical colors. Colorful winter berries are now exposed on many trees and shrubs for the birds that will brighten our winter days.

With the arrival of sweater weather, we shift gears and fine-tune our appreciation of the pristine beauty of the winter landscapes and the magic of the holiday season.”

—Bill Hascher, Arborist Manager

Bill Hascher, Arborist Manager

Enjoy these images of fall color taken in November 2021.
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